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Body Mind Soul

tāḍāsana समस्थिति - sīrṣāsana शीर्षासन
Hasta chandrāsana
bakāsana काकासन
Tāḍāsana समस्थिति
vīrabhadrāsana वीरभद्रासन
uttānāsana उत्तानासन
padmāsana पद्मासन

Yogi Trupta has been teaching since 2002. He has trained more than 1000 students to become teachers from many parts of the world. Many of his students are teaching in USA, France, Italy, Japan, Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Russia, Denmark and India. He has been conducting Teacher trainings and workshops in Paris, Bali, Russia, Japan and India.

He has been trained in Yoga Therapy, Reiki, Thai Yoga Massage to deepen his knowledge to understand the Therapeutic approach towards body and mind. He completed his studies in Yoga and Vedanata in ancient system of education under the guidance of his guru Dr. Ramachandra Bhat from Veda Vijnana Gurukulam, Bangalore. He also certified in Bachelor degree and Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga from Svyasa Yoga University.

Trupta has developed ‘Oil Yoga’ a new way of practicing yoga with many years of his research, study and practice. Oil Yoga concentrates to bring the physical, mental and emotional stability by which one can continue the journey in complete yogic path. Apart from conducting Yoga Teacher Training and workshops around the world, he has dedicated his life to practice and teach ‘Oil Yoga’ in Goa, India.


International Photographer specialized in Yoga
Specialized in commercial and artistic content for brands, international festivals, masterclass, retreats, event producers, studios and teachers all around the world. Raphael Pincas’s experience, knowledge and yoga practice make him one of the most trusted photographer in the community. In March 2018, he completed a 200H Ashtanga Teacher Training in Mysore, India.